Weaning research and other articles

Proactive calf weaning programs save money
by Peter Vitti
Grainews, Cattlemen’s Corner, 23 October, 2014


Weaning calves with nose flaps
by Heather Smith Thomas
Angus Beef Bulletin, 19 October, 2012


Clip keeps nosy calves at bay
by Ray Ford (Reprinted from Ontario Farmer, with permission.)
Ontario Farmer, 19 April, 2011


Reducing weaning stress in two easy steps!
by Derek Haley (Written for Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs “Virtual Beef” technology transfer newsletter.)
OMAFRA Virtual Beef, Volume 8, Issue 26, July, 2010


Taking the bawl out of the calves
by Jeffery Carter (Reprinted from Ontario Farmer, with permission.)
Ontario Farmer, 6 April, 2010


One, Two, Wean! (Click here to read PART 1, PART 2)
by Catherine Brown (Reprinted from Ontario Beef Farmer, with permission.)
Ontario Beef Farmer, February/March, 2009


Cow calls: It’s not easy being weaned
by Suzanne Robicheau (Reprinted from Rural Delivery Magazine, with the author’s permission.)
Rural Delivery, January, 2008


Whine-free weaning occurs with updated device
by Michael Raine
The Western Producer, October 18, 2007


Wean ’Em Easy: Low-stress weaning pays for both animals and their handlers
by Burt Rutherford
BEEF Magazine, September 2007


Sold on stress free weaning
by Allison Morgan
Tennessee Cooperator, Volume 48, Number 7, pages 10-11, July 2007


Le sevrage des veaux en deux étapes
Article in French, from Belgium, with thanks to Jose Wavreille
Wallonie Elevages, Juin 2007


Plastic nose-tab helps wean calves
Farm Show Magazine, Volume 31, No.1, January 2007


Le sevrage en deux étapes
Article in French, from Belgium, par J.M. Vignaux with thanks to Jose Wavreille
Le Sillon Belge, le 27 Octobre 2006


Calving time tips
Two-stage weaning was submitted by a beef producer under the subject heading “Easier weaning”
Successful Farming Magazine, February 2006


Calving Special 2006
Two-stage weaning was featured along with an article by a veterinarian entitled “Looking ahead – WEANING”
Cattlemen Magazine, February 2006


The effects of weaning beef calves in two stages on their behavior and growth rate

Haley, D.B., Bailey, D.W. and Stookey, J.M.
Journal of Animal Science, 83:2205-2214, 2005 request a reprint of this article


More on two-step weaning
by Derek B. Haley, Joseph M. Stookey and Derek W. Bailey
BEEF Magazine, September 2003


Two-step process for weaning beef calves
by Craig Richardson
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, September 2003


Stress-relieving weaning strategies
by Mike Apley and W. Mark Hilton
BEEF Magazine, August 2003


2-Step Weaning (Article is in Rich Text Format.)
by Derek B. Haley
Canadian CATTLEMEN Magazine, June / July 2002, article starts on page 26


Two-step weaning process dramatically cuts calves’ stress
by Melissa Kallas
On-Campus News, April 26 2002


The Weaning Two-Step
by Joseph M. Stookey and Derek B. Haley
BEEF Magazine, November 2001, article starts on page 30


Device offers stress-free weaning for calf, producer
by Michael Raine
The Western Producer, November 5, 2001